Humane Investigators are appointed by the Circuit Court of the counties they serve in to investigate reports of animal cruelty and neglect and to enforce the Virginia State Anti-Cruelty Laws.  Humane Investigators are volunteers, and may be contacted when citizens see a situation that needs to be corrected involving abuse or neglect of an animal.   

The SPCA of Northern Virginia is the only rescue organization in the area with a Humane Investigator. Many of our dogs come to us as a result of humane investigations. Our Humane Investigator is certified only in Fairfax County but will be glad to assist you with guidance and advice if you suspect or see animal cruelty, neglect, abuse, or abandonment in another area.

If you would like to contact our Humane Investigator, please email:,, or call 703-799-9390 and select option #1. Animal Control services for your jurisdiction can also provide you with assistance.

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If you would like to contact one of our HIs, please email:, or call 703-799-9390 and select option #1.

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