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Thank you Lindsey, Debbie, Jasmin, anonymous donor!

FLUFFY came into our care with a badly injured right front leg.

This poor kitty had been living outdoors for at least a year with an injured leg. After months of coaxing, a kind woman was able to earn his trust and started feeding Fluffy. Then slowly he started trusting his caretaker for petting, brushing and handling. It became clear that Fluffy was a friendly kitty who somehow found himself outside fending for himself.

Unfortunately, Fluffy's right leg had severed tendons that couldn't be repaired so his leg had to be amputated. (If you look closely at the first photo, his right from paw is curled under). Cats usually do very well on three legs and Fluffy is no exception. He is doing great walking around! He is no longer in a crate and always uses the litter box. For now, Fluffy is confined to one room to give him a little time to get his bearings straight. He has been briefly introduced to the two resident cats in his temporary foster home and he was thrilled to see other cats! So we think he needs a feline buddy.

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Fluffy has recovered from surgery and doesn't need any more angels!
Born:May 2015StatusHold
Sex:MaleDescriptionBrown/White Tabby (Long-haired)
Guardians Needed!

Thank you Debbie, Janet (for Sundance), Michele (for Cashmere & Tux), Chris (for Monk) & anonymous!

SOPHIE is a true miracle!

This tiny girl was found in someone's yard. She was all by herself - walking around meowing. Sadly, part of one of her back legs was missing. Sophie was rushed to a veterinary emergency hospital where SPCA agreed to take her into our care.

The vet estimated Sophie to be about 5 weeks of age although she only weighed 6 ounces. At that age, she should have weighed at least a pound. The remaining portion of her back leg was badly infected and needed to be amputated to stop the spread of the infection. Amazingly, Sophie survived.

UPDATE: Sophie has recovered from her surgery and is now ready for adoption!

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Sophie doesn't need any more Guardian Angels
Born:June 2017StatusHold
Tooney & Snowball
Guardians Needed!

Thank you to the person who made an anonymous gift, and Lauren (in memory of Nala), Lindsay, and Janet!

TOONEY & SNOWBALL have been in SPCA's care since they were tiny babies. Both have had multiple health issues. Despite these issues, both kitties are sweet and loving and continue to give their foster family lots of love.

TOONEY has had ongoing issues with her eyes from a severe herpes infection. We thought that was enough, but she recently underwent surgery for an injury to one of her knees.

SNOWBALL has also had ongoing issues with his eyes from a severe herpes infection. And when he was a tiny baby he had emergency surgery to repair a hernia.

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Tooney & Snowball are going much better - no more angels needed!
Born:April 2016StatusHold
Sex:1 Female, 1 MaleDescriptionWhite (with black hat) & All White

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