Cat Foster Application

Butter & Oscar
These kitties LOVE each other!
BUTTER & OSCAR came into our care separately, but have bonded nicely in their foster home. They even take turns grooming each other. These sweet kitties need to be adopted as a pair.

BUTTER (brown tabby, short-haired) is an easy-going kitty with a sweet soul. She loves to look out the window at the birds. When Butter is in a playful mood, she loves to play chase with her buddy, Oscar.

OSCAR (black/white, medium-haired) is a playful, curious boy. He's a little rambunctious, as most young boys are, but when he wants to snuggle he doesn't take no for an answer! Oscar plays hard, and loves hard!

Butter & Oscar will do fine in any type of home - quiet or active. They do fine with kids. They are comfortable around cat-friendly, low-key dogs.

Both kitties need to remain on special urinary tract food to keep them healthy. Butter came into our care after being rescued outdoors as a young kitten. Oscar came from a local shelter.
Born:April 2017 (Butter) & May 2017 (Oscar) Status:Available
Sex:1 Female, 1 MaleDescription:Brown Tabby & Black/White
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Quiet to Very Active
Special needs:Must remain on prescription urinary tract food.
We need a foster home!
That can ensure we only get our special prescription food (provided by SPCA).
Carmel - Thank you Nancy for fostering Carmel!
Carmel needs a new foster home end of March/early April
CARMEL is an adorable, petite kitty. She has a beautiful thick, soft black coat.

Carmel is an absolute doll! She is very friendly and affectionate. After her intial night hiding under a chest of drawers, Carmel came out to explore her 'safe room.' Then she calmly climbed into her foster mom's lap for some affection and took a nap. Not bad for being in a brand new place!

Carmel is a new arrival - transferred to our care from another rescue organization. She is in a temporary foster home until the end of March/early April. After that she needs a longer term foster home.

Once she settles in and we get to know her a little better, Carmel will be available for adoption.
Born:April 2012 Status:Foster Only
Needs feline companion:No but does fine with other cats. Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
I need a foster home!
With or without other cats is fine.
Sophie & Katie
These girls are sweet and gentle kitties.
SOPHIE & KATIE are very sweet girls. They aren't sisters but have been together since they were kittens. These girls get along very nicely and keep each other company. They need to be adopted as a pair.

SOPHIE is very affectionate and loves to sit with you. She will sit for hours with the oldest child in her home as he plays with X-box. Sophie also likes being petted and played with gently and will sleep at the foot of your bed at night.

KATIE is a very quiet kitty, who is a little shy. She likes to hang out with her family and follows them around. She also comes to you for attention when it's calm and quite. Katie likes to wander around the house to see what everyone is up to. If her buddy, Sophie, isn't around, Katie starts meowing until Sophie comes running.

Sophie and Katie like to hang out with people and with each other. They don't snuggle with each other but are usually found in the morning sleeping near each other on a couch or cat tree. They like to play with toys and with each other. They like the flat cloth toys filled with catnip - taking turns batting them across the hardwood floors and chasing after them. They also like to chase each other up and down the stairs - playing follow the leader.

Sophie and Katie have grown up in a home with three kids, but their transition to a new home should be to a quiet one. Preferably with adults only, although a quiet home with an older child would be fine. Both girls like to hang out with people, and be petted and played with gently. But they don't like being picked up and carried around.

Sophie was adopted out by SPCA as a kitten into a home with a family with kids and two cats, one being Katie. The girls are sadly looking for a new home because one of the children in their home has become severely allergic to them.
Born:2011 Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Dilute Calico & Brown/White Tabby (Long-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes must be adopted as a pair. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:NA
We need a foster home!
That is quiet.
Stardust has a BIG personality!
STARDUST is a friendly, lively teenager! He is easy-going one minute when he's calm or fast asleep then the next minute he's racing around bursting with energy. Stardust loves interactive play with his foster mom but is also very good at entertaining himself. He goes wild for any toy that squeaks or flies. This boy has a lot of energy to burn!

When Stardust is not in play-mode, he is very loving. He likes being the center of attention, being carried around and looking out the windows watching the birds and squirrels outside. Stardust also likes getting his head scratched and gives you 'kitty kisses' in return to show his affection. He needs people who want an interactive cat who craves attention.

Stardust needs another active, confident male cat in his forever home to bond and wrestle with. He can get a little nippy when playing or when he wants something - we expect this behavior to subside once he has the right other active male cat to play with. So humans who know how to handle and redirect this behavior is important. His current foster home has older cats who don't like his rambunctious play.

Stardust is a very healthy, growing boy. He does, however, have somewhat soft stools that could be caused by a food allergy. We will be testing a special hyperallergenic diet on him as soon as we can move him to the right foster home with just one other cat who can also be on this type of diet.

Stardust is a little miracle. He was found running along a rural country road all by himself by an SPCA volunteer. He was hungry and scared, and had fleas and earmites. He also had a scraped up face and part of his tail is missing. None of this has affected Stardust's spirit - he is friendly and full of life. All he needs is an active home to call his own.
Born:June 2017 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Grey/White (Medium-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes must have active male feline buddy Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Moderately Active to Very Active
Special needs:May need hypoallergenic diet for possible food allergies causing soft stools
I need a foster home!
With a rambunctious male cat!

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