Cat Foster Application

April needs a new foster home (or forever home) by early July!
APRIL is such a sweet girl! She loves hanging out with her foster mom and welcoming guests into their home. April is not shy one bit!

Despite being so sweet, April has not had very good luck in finding a forever home. Her caretaker developed health issues and returned April to our care. Sadly, April is overweight, and while she is otherwise healthy, she could develop health issues down the road unless we help her slim down to a healthy weight.

Even though April is overweight, she is actually playful - in her own way! She loves playing with 'the bird' toy - always watching it with interest, often swatting at it, and sometimes jumping around after it. April loves to be brushed and is quite affectionate, with a noisy purr. She gets a dose of daily exercise going up and down the stairs, and jumps on the bed to greet her foster mom.

April is on a strict over-the-counter wet food only diet that's high in protein and low in carbohydrates. April's current foster mom can keep her only until early July. Then her foster mom is taking in her sister's two cats and doesn't have room for three cats. So we need a new foster (or permanent) home for April who will be diligent in continuing her strict diet and monthly weight checks (with a pet scale we will provide).

April would do fine with older kids in a quiet to moderately active home. A home with stairs would also be great to help her get daily exercise. April would probably do fine with another low-key cat although being the only kitty would be ideal for feeding purposes.

April was initially rescued by SPCA and adopted out as a kitten.
Born:2010 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Brown/Orange Tabby
Needs feline companion:No Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:Strict wet food only diet and monthly weight checks.
I need a foster home!
No other pets is ideal, but a low-key cat would be fine.
Fluffy is sweetness rolled up in kitty fur!
FLUFFY is a truly amazing kitty. He has been through so much in his short life.

Fluffy is the sweetest cat! He LOVES being petted all over - especially around his neck and ears. He purrs up a storm when you pet him showing his contentment. He has met a couple of cats in his temporary foster home and he has been SO HAPPY to see other cats! He first wimpers with excitement then gets right up and walks over to the kitty to investigate with no hissing or bad vibes. He clearly longs for a feline buddy!

Fluffy clearly had a home at some point. He craves human affection but he's also timid. Having lived outdoors for at least a year, we can only imagine what he lived through. Because his front leg had severely torn tendons, his leg needed to be amputated. Most cats do great on three legs - they just need a little time to get their bearings and not feel vulnerable. And because he was severely matted, his long fluffy fur was shaved - except for his puffy tail. It will take several months for his long fur and thick mane to grow back.

This poor kitty was hopping around and walking on his bad leg outdoors for at least a year. A kind woman spent months trying to coax him closer and when he finally learned to trust her, it was clear he was a sweet, social cat - not a feral cat.

It will take Fluffy time to adapt to new people, in a new environment. But with the right quiet home environment and a loving caretaker, we have no doubt he will adapt. Fluffy is doing very well getting around on three legs. He jumps up and down on a couch, and has no issues using a litter box. He even insists on burying his waste with his one front paw!

If you have a big heart and the right home environment, please consider fostering or adopting Fluffy. He will reward you with lots of purring and love.
Born:May 2015 Status:Foster Only
Sex:MaleDescription:Brown/White Tabby (Long-haired)
Needs feline companion:YES - Loves other cats! Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:Walks on three legs.
I need a foster home!
That is quiet with a patient caretaker; no young kids or dogs; must have calm kitty friend!
Julia & Oscar
Oscar & Julia need a foster home June 24 - July 8 while their foster mom is out of town.
JULIA & OSCAR are a fun, cuddly, social pair of kitties. They are equally happy playing with each other or snuggling up next to people. They settle into a new home right away and always greet their human friends at the door when you come home. They are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.

JULIA has an adorable nose which is half pink, half brown. She is a sweet purring machine who loves being petted. When you meet Julia, it's easy to see why she usually gets her way! She has an outgoing personality, and isn't shy about letting you know what she wants.

OSCAR has beautiful sea green eyes. He has a soft, sweet personality and is always up for cuddles or down time. Oscar also won't miss an opportunity to play - with his sister or with you. So be ready for play time with this sweet boy.

These kitties came into our care as young kittens. They would have been adopted long ago, if Oscar hadn't started showing signs of allergies (scratching and bumps on his skin). We don't know yet what he is allergic to -
food, environmental allergens or both. Oscar is being tested for environmental allergens, and both kitties are now on a special hypoallergenic diet.

Julia & Oscar need a foster home where they will get plenty of attention and have room to roam around and play. They would LOVE a family with kids or a work-from-home situation where their caretaker is home during the day. Both kitties are very social and easy-going around people - they will bond right away with anyone who loves them!

Please consider fostering these sweet kitties if you can provide them with the type of foster home they need. SPCA covers all vet costs and special food for foster kitties in our care.
Born:July 2016 Status:Foster Only
Sex:1 Female, 1 MaleDescription:Brown/White Tabby & Brown Tabby
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Moderately Active to Very Active
Special needs:Yes, Oscar has food or environmental allergies.
We need a foster home!
With the ability to monitor Oscar's allergy issues.
Polly & Pita
We need a foster home, or forever home, by June 29th!
POLLY & PITA are bonded sisters that need to be adopted together. They are very sweet, well-mannered, and big-hearted kitties.

POLLY (brown/white tabby) is more outgoing than her sister, Pita. She likes to 'talk' to you and keeps the conversation going if you meow back. Polly likes to play with her cat toys, and like her sister, loves nap time. Her favorite thing to do is to sneak in the bathtub and drink dripping water from the faucet. Polly also likes to sit by the patio door and catch the morning sun on her fur.

PITA (black/white) is the shy one, but comes out of her shell once she feels she can trust you. She likes her quiet time and her favorite thing is to burrow under the covers for a nap. Sometimes Pita gets too comfortable and you have to entice her out...a good head scratch usually does the trick. Once Pita feels safe and secure, she is very affectionate - rubbing against you and following you around.

At night, both girls curl up in bed with you and cuddle next to your legs at the foot of the bed. When Pita is being petted, she purrs like a little motor and Polly likes to roll over on her back for tummy rubs.

These loving, heart-warming sisters were sadly abandoned by their adopter who adopted them from us as kittens. We can only imagine how traumatizing this has been to suddenly lose their home, especially for Pita. However, with a quiet home and patient caretaker, both girls have responded beautifully. So far, Polly and Pita have been very picky eaters and grazers. But based on their size, both are overweight, they were obviously overfed and not given a healthy diet. We are working on getting them both to a healthy weight which will take a little time.

Their current foster mom can only keep them until June 29th, so they need a new foster or forever home before them. If you have the right home for these girls, please consider giving them at least a temporary safe haven until we find the right forever home for them.
Born:March 2010 Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Brown/White Tabby & Black/White
Needs feline companion:Yes must be adopted as a pair. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:NA
We need a foster home!
Quiet with no young kids, dogs or other cats.

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