Cat Foster Application

Ike is a sweet and gentle kitty.
IKE is a gorgeous all white cat with beautiful blue eyes. He is a very sweet boy who is both laid-back and curious. Ike likes to spend his days napping by the window and batting his stuffed mouse around the floor like a hockey player! At night, he sleeps at the end of his foster mom's bed and is content to sleep in until she gets up.

Ike settles in easily into a new home and likes to explore his surroundings. He loves being petted and brushed and nudges your hand with his head until you give him a good scratch behind the ears. Ike likes hanging out with his human buddies but also needs to have other pets around to keep him company. Ike does well with both like-minded, low-key cats and dogs.

Ike was adopted out as a kitten with his sibling but returned to our care when his home became too active for him. Ike likes to be around activity, but his low-key personality is best suited for a relatively calm home environment.

Ike is on special prescription food to prevent crystals in his urine. He needs to stay on this special food for the rest of his life. Ike needs a caretaker who will be diligent about making sure he is kept 100% on this food and gets regular annual checkups at the vet.

Note: We waive adoption fees for special needs kitties like Ike.
Born:July 2011 Status:Foster Only
Sex:MaleDescription:White with blue eyes
Needs feline companion:Ike needs to have a cat or dog buddy. Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:Prescription food to prevent crystals in his urine.
I need a foster home!
With another cat or dog would be great; lots of people attention!
Julia & Oscar
Who says siblings don't get along!?!?
JULIA & OSCAR are a fun, cuddly, social pair of kitties. They are equally happy playing with each other or snuggling up next to people. They settle into a new home right away and always greet their human friends at the door when you come home. They are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.

JULIA has an adorable nose which is half pink, half brown. She is a sweet purring machine who loves being petted. When you meet Julia, it's easy to see why she usually gets her way! She has an outgoing personality, and isn't shy about letting you know what she wants.

OSCAR has beautiful sea green eyes. He has a soft, sweet personality and is always up for cuddles or down time. Oscar also won't miss an opportunity to play - with his sister or with you. So be ready for play time with this sweet boy.

These kitties came into our care as young kittens. They would have been adopted long ago, if Oscar hadn't started showing signs of allergies (scratching and bumps on his skin). We don't know yet what he is allergic to -
food, environmental allergens or both. Oscar is being tested for environmental allergens, and both kitties are now on a special hypoallergenic diet.

Julia & Oscar need a foster home where they will get plenty of attention and have room to roam around and play. They would LOVE a family with kids or a work-from-home situation where their caretaker is home during the day. Both kitties are very social and easy-going around people - they will bond right away with anyone who loves them!

Please consider fostering these sweet kitties if you can provide them with the type of foster home they need. SPCA covers all vet costs and special food for foster kitties in our care.
Born:July 2016 Status:Foster Only
Sex:1 Female, 1 MaleDescription:Brown/White Tabby & Brown Tabby
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Moderately Active to Very Active
Special needs:Yes, Oscar has food or environmental allergies.
We need a foster home!
Active with the ability to monitor Oscar's allergy needs.

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