Cat Foster Application

Georgie & Tahiti
These girls are as sweet as they come!
GEORGIE & TAHITI are very sweet, loving and playful girls. They are not sisters but after being introduced to each other they have become best buddies. These girls need to be adopted together.

GEORGIE is a very sweet girl who meows and purrs loudly when she sees you, asking to be picked up and cuddled. She is moderately active, enjoying a good balance between playtime and nap time. Georgie loves to cuddle on soft blankets, kneading and nuzzling until she finds the right position to settle in for a snooze. She also likes to cuddle up to you at night. Georgie is timid with new people and in new surroundings at first, but acclimates to changes in a few days. We think Georgie will always be a little timid around strangers and loud noises.

TAHITI has a sweet, bold personality. She is not afraid to run up to new people and other cats and adjusts right away to new surroundings. Tahiti loves to explore, bat and carry toys around and watch the birds and squirrels outside. She is also very affectionate - Tahiti loves to cuddle up next to you, making biscuits in your lap and giving you kitty kisses. She is very people-oriented and needs to have a lot of people interaction.

While these girls have different personalities, they are very compatible. After just a few days of hissing, the girls have become best buddies. They play and sleep together, sometimes grooming each other.

They need a home where they will get plenty of attention from their caretakers. It's important that Georgie continue her socialization with people, so a home with at least two people will be best for her so she doesn't get too bonded with just one person. And because Tahiti is so people-oriented, she needs to have more than one person to play and interact with. Because Georgie is a little shy, she needs a home with just adults, or a quiet family with just one or two older kids would be fine. A young couple who plans to have kids down the road would not be right for Georgie.

Georgie and Tahiti were both rescued outdoors separately with their siblings when they were young kittens.
Born:April 2017 (Georgie) & May 2017 (Tahiti) Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Black/Silver/White Tabby & Calico
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
We need a foster home!
No dogs or young kids.
Ginny & Raymond
Note: Some photos were taken in a 'cat enclosure' outdoors. ALL SPCA kitties must be indoors only unless in an enclosure.
GINNY & RAYMOND are very people-friendly. They love to be held like babies (in your arms, belly up) while getting belly rubs. They are described by their foster mom as 'the Wonder Twins.' They are bonded and need to be adopted together.

GINNY is a sweet girl with an independent streak. She is a smart girl who is watchful and likes to take in her environment. Ginny is also a quiet girl who doesn't talk much. She is happy to have her toys and a nice place to nap. She is adorable when she chases her toys and then carries them around in her mouth. She is very proud of her hunting skills!

RAYMOND is the perfect mix of playful curiosity and love. This guy needs a little guidance and looks to his sister for the action plan and then when he sees she's turned in for a nap, he cuddles right up to her. Ray loves attention. When he's done playing, he seeks out his person for a lap to settle in for some love. If this guy sees another kitten getting attention, look out, he's coming in too. When you hold him like a baby, he gently pats your face with his paws. Very sweet!

These kittens are in a foster home with a child who has been very involved in their care - they are great with her. So they would do fine in a home with kids who know how to handle kittens. They have also been exposed to an adult cat in their foster home and are fine with her. They haven't had direct interaction with the two dogs in their foster home, but they are curious and not afraid. So they may do ok with cat-friendly dogs.

These kittens were born in our care after their mom who showed up in someone's yard asking to be rescued!
Born:May 2017 Status:Available
Sex:1 Female, 1 MalesDescription:Brown Tabby & Brown/White Tabby
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 6 and older Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
We need a foster home!
Any loving foster home will do!
Polly & Pita
These girls are sweet, sweet, sweet!
POLLY & PITA are the sweetest girls - ever! Once settled in a new environment, they are extremely loving. They follow you around, sit by your side, and snuggle up with you at night. These well-mannered and big-hearted kitties also adore each other and must be adopted as a pair.

POLLY (brown/white tabby) is a bit more outgoing and dominant than her sister, Pita. She likes to 'talk' to you and keeps the conversation going if you 'talk' back. Polly likes to play with her cat toys, and like her sister, loves nap time. Her favorite thing to do is to sneak in the bathtub and drink dripping water from the faucet. Polly also likes to sit by the patio door and catch the morning sun on her fur.

PITA (black/white) was initially very shy when first coming into our care. But no more! Pita is so sweet, loving and affectionate. She follows you around and will also 'talk back' if you 'talk' to her. Pita loves, loves, loves playing with toys - catnip toys, strings, anything that moves. Her fur is really soft which makes her an especially good kitty for petting.

At night, both girls either cuddle with each other at the top of their cat tree, or by your side. They love being petted and brush, rolling around on the floor and laying flat on their backs. So funny to watch! Pita has an especially loud purr motor and Polly likes tummy rubs.

These loving sisters were sadly abandoned by their caretaker who adopted them from SPCA as kittens. We can only imagine how traumatizing this has been for the girls to suddenly lose their home. However, with a quiet home and patient caretaker, both girls have rebounded beautifully. They are on a strict wet food only diet - high in protein, low in carbs - to help them lose weight.
Born:March 2010 Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Brown/White Tabby & Black/White
Needs feline companion:Yes must be adopted as a pair. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:Strict wet food only diet - high in protein, low in carbs for weight loss.
We need a foster home!
Where we have room to roam and and get some exercise!
Stardust is a very active kitty!
STARDUST is a friendly, lively kitten! He is easy-going one minute when he's calm or fast asleep then the next minute he's racing around bursting with energy. Stardust loves interactive play with his foster mom but is also very good at entertaining himself. He goes wild for any toy that squeaks or flies. This boy has a lot of energy to burn!

When Stardust is not in play-mode, he is very loving. He likes being carried around and looking out the windows (watching the birds and squirrels outside). Stardust likes getting his head scratched and gives you 'kitty kisses' in return to show his affection.

Stardust is currently in a foster home with only older adult cats - he really needs another male kitten or adult male cat to bond and play with.

Stardust must have another kitty in his forever home - we are looking for a compatible SPCA kitten to pair him up with or he can go to a home with an active young male kitty. We have not seen him interact with kids, but a home with older kids would be great. He would love to have human buddies to play and interact with. We are looking for another SPCA kitten to pair him up with or he can be adopted into a home with another very active male kitty.

Stardust is a little miracle. He was found running along a rural country road all by himself by an SPCA volunteer. He was hungry and scared, and had fleas and earmites. He also had a scraped up face and part of his tail is missing. None of this has affected Stardust's spirit - he is friendly and full of life. All he needs is an active home to call his own.
Born:June 2017 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Grey/White (Medium-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes must have active male feline buddy Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Moderately Active to Very Active
Special needs:NA
I need a foster home!
With an active male kitty to play with.

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