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Jasmine is an amazingly friendly, loving kitty!
JASMINE is a very sweet, friendly and curious kitty. She may be a little shy at first in a new place with new people, but after just a few days her true personality comes out.

Jasmine loves to hang out with people and snuggle with her foster mom at night. She will even be the life of the party when you have guests over. Jasmine is also a curious kitty who loves to play and explore. Just wave a feather toy and watch her hunting instincts emerge. Jasmine also loves chasing the laser pointer so make sure you have one handy to engage her in play. And if that's not enough personality for you - Jasmine is also a talker! She loves to tell you how her day has been and answers when you talk to her.

We aren't sure if Jasmine needs a feline buddy although having the right playful kitty would probably be a plus for her. She had a brief interaction with the resident cats in her initial foster home when she had her tiny babies with her. Jasmine was amazingly ok with the other cats which is very unusual - moms with kittens are usually very protective of their babies. So we think Jasmine would do fine with another friendly kitty and that she would actually thrive having another kitty to play with. If Jasmine is the only kitty in her forever home, she needs plenty of interaction with people and activity around her. Having a home with room to roam around would also be a big plus for this playful girl.

Jasmine came into our care after being brought to a vet office we work with. We think she was found outdoors with her kittens (3 weeks old at the time - Beau, Leo & Mercury - all adopted!). She was underweight at only 6 1/2 pounds, but otherwise in good condition.

This wonderful kitty is ready for a home of her own!
Born:July 2016 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Dilute Tortoiseshell (grey with specks of orange)
Needs feline companion:No but would probably like another kitty to play with Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
I need a foster home!
Where people are around and there's activity!
Stardust is a very active kitty!
STARDUST is a friendly, lively kitten! He is easy-going one minute when he's calm or fast asleep then the next minute he's racing around bursting with energy. Stardust loves interactive play with his foster mom but is also very good at entertaining himself. He goes wild for any toy that squeaks or flies. This boy has a lot of energy to burn!

When Stardust is not in play-mode, he is very loving. He likes being carried around and looking out the windows (watching the birds and squirrels outside). Stardust likes getting his head scratched and gives you 'kitty kisses' in return to show his affection.

Stardust is currently in a foster home with only older adult cats - he really needs another male kitten or adult male cat to bond and play with.

Stardust must have another kitty in his forever home - we are looking for a compatible SPCA kitten to pair him up with or he can go to a home with an active young male kitty. We have not seen him interact with kids, but a home with older kids would be great. He would love to have human buddies to play and interact with. We are looking for another SPCA kitten to pair him up with or he can be adopted into a home with another very active male kitty.

Stardust is a little miracle. He was found running along a rural country road all by himself by an SPCA volunteer. He was hungry and scared, and had fleas and earmites. He also had a scraped up face and part of his tail is missing. None of this has affected Stardust's spirit - he is friendly and full of life. All he needs is an active home to call his own.
Born:June 2017 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Grey/White (Medium-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes must have active male feline buddy Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Moderately Active to Very Active
Special needs:NA
I need a foster home!
With an active male kitty to play with.

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