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Things to note:
Many adult cats and the vast majority of kittens need feline company
--Every description specifies if feline company is needed
--Dogs and people aren't substitutes for cat companionship
--Most kittens are adopted in pairs (unless you already have compatible cat at home). Why most kittens need feline companionship.

Residency: We adopt ONLY to residents of Washington DC area (N.VA, MD, DC).

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Amber is adorable!
AMBER is a sweet-natured kitty with beautiful long black fur and stunning orange/copper eyes. She is very attached to her foster home who has taught her how to trust people. She will be a little shy with new people and will need a little time to adapt to a new home. Once she settles in, Amber loves to be held and petted as she gazes at you with her big orange/copper eyes!

Amber loves to play! She is especially fond of 'flying' toys and goes crazy over catnip - rolling in it ecstatically. She also loves chasing and wresting with her foster brother, Stardust (posted separately). Amber is fascinated with the electric pet water fountain, staring at it for long periods of time before drinking it. She also just started tunneling under the covers on the bed for her midday nap.

Amber needs a feline buddy in her forever home. Interestingly, she plays pretty well with Stardust, although he is sometimes a bit rough with her. They could be fostered together in a new foster home, but don't make the best long-term companions. Amber would do best with another like-minded female kitty.

Amber's early life was sadly not very nurturing. She was given to a someone as a kitten who soon moved away to college. Amber was left behind with this person's mother who didn't want her. Amber was seen out on this person's balcony in cold weather and out and about the condo complex where she was living. As fate would have it, Amber bolted into a neighbor's home (who is allergic to cats); so she contacted another neighbor who she knew was a cat lover and that person happened to be a long-time SPCA volunteer. Long story - we offered to take Amber into our care to find her a home with someone who would cherish this sweet girl!

Amber is a truly amazing little kitty. With a little time and patience, she will make a wonderful life-long companion for a lucky person or persons.
Born:June 2017 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Black (Long-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
I have a foster home!
April is a sweetheart.
APRIL is a sweet girl who just wants to be loved! She's a pretty brown tabby with stripes and patches of orange. April is low-key and loves to hang out with her foster mom, or her roommate. She likes playing with 'the bird' toy - always watching it with interest, often swatting at it, and sometimes jumping around after it. April loves to be brushed and is quite affectionate, with a noisy purr.

Despite being so sweet, April has not had very good luck in finding a forever home. Her adopter developed health issues and returned April to our care. Sadly, April was very overweight, and while she is otherwise healthy, we knew she could develop health issues down the road unless we helped her slim down to a healthy weight. After being in our care for months now, on a strict wet food only diet and daily doses of exercise going up and down stairs, April has made amazing progress - losing over 6 pounds with about two more pounds to go. April is so much happier today with her slimmer figure - see last two photos!

April is a little timid with new people and in new surroundings until she feels comfortable. So she needs a quiet home where she can settle in and feel comfortable. A home with an older person or couple would be ideal. Or a quiet family with one older child would be fine too. Ideally, her forever home will have stairs to enable her to continue getting exercise to help manage her weight.

April can be the only kitty in her forever home. Or she would probably do fine with a sweet, low-key kitty who wants another cat to co-exist with. She has adapted nicely to the older dog in her foster home so having four-legged company may be a nice touch for April. Note that April's diet must be strictly controlled so she doesn't overeat. So if her forever home has other pets, they must also be ok with a portion-controlled regimen with no 'free feeding.'

April was initially rescued by SPCA and adopted out as a kitten with her sister, Iris.
Born:April 2010 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Brown/Orange Tabby/Tortoiseshell
Needs feline companion:No Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:Portion controlled wet food only diet
I have a foster home!
Blaze & Dos
These boys are sweet, fun-loving and playful.
BLAZE & DOS are gorgeous and affectionate boys who love people. They are curious and at ease exploring and meeting new people. They have medium to high energy levels when playing - depending on their mood! These brothers love to cuddle and play with each other and with their humans. They are a bonded pair of lap kitties who must be adopted together.

BLAZE is almost identical to his brother, Dos, except he has a cute white blaze on his forehead. Blaze is super affectionate and is very vocal when he wants to get your attention or wants his wet food! Food is very important to this sweet boy. Blaze is always on the go when he's not napping and doesn't hesitate to find something to do if his brother is still sleeping.

DOS (meaning number two in Spanish) is also very friendly and affectionate like his brother, Blaze. Dos got his name because he was rescued second, after his brother Blaze. Dos is slightly less active than his brother and lets Blaze take the lead. Dos is, nonetheless, a partner-in-crime when it comes to kitten antics! He has an adorable little meow and loves being petted and demands attention from his foster mom.

Blaze and Dos haven't been exposed to kids, but are somewhat active, affectionate and confident kitties. So a family with kids would be great for them. Or a couple would be fine too as long as they are home a good bit of the time and can give the boys plenty of interaction - playtime and snuggle time. These boys also need to be able to sleep in bed with their caretakers - they are snuggle bugs and want to be where their people are! Just a few minutes with these adorable twins will have you laughing and instantly falling in love with them!

Blaze and Dos came into our care, along with their sister Tess, after their foster parents - long time SPCA volunteers - found them living under their shed. They have no idea how lucky they were to be rescued before winter set in.
Born:September 2017 Status:Recently Adopted
Sex:MalesDescription:Grey/Silver/White Tabbies
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as pair. Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 6 and older Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
We have a foster home!
Butter & Oscar
These kitties LOVE each other!
BUTTER & OSCAR came into our care separately, but have bonded nicely in their foster home. They even take turns grooming each other. These sweet kitties need to be adopted as a pair.

BUTTER (brown tabby, short-haired) is an easy-going kitty with a sweet soul. She loves to look out the window at the birds. When Butter is in a playful mood, she loves to play chase with her buddy, Oscar.

OSCAR (black/white, medium-haired) is a playful, curious boy. He's a little rambunctious, as most young boys are, but when he wants to snuggle he doesn't take no for an answer! Oscar plays hard, and loves hard!

Butter & Oscar will do fine in any type of home - quiet or active. They do fine with kids. They are comfortable around cat-friendly, low-key dogs.

Both kitties need to remain on special urinary tract food to keep them healthy. Butter came into our care after being rescued outdoors as a young kitten. Oscar came from a local shelter.
Born:April 2017 (Butter) & May 2017 (Oscar) Status:Available
Sex:1 Female, 1 MaleDescription:Brown Tabby & Black/White
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Quiet to Very Active
Special needs:Must remain on prescription urinary tract food.
We need a foster home!
That can ensure we only get our special prescription food (provided by SPCA).
Butterscotch is a big love bug!
BUTTERSCOTCH is a very loving, people-oriented kitty. He is a big boy with a nice thick, soft coat - perfect for petting and snuggling. He is also quite playful - batting toy mice around and leaping up to catch a feather toy.

Butterscotch is a great cat for a single person, couple or loving family with quiet, older kids. He will need a little time to settle in, but once he does he will be your loyal companion. Butterscotch needs to have people around to keep him company - someone who works from home, a retired couple or family with older kids. He needs to have some nice windows to sit in to watch the birds, squirrels and other activities outside. Butterscotch also needs to have room to roam around - a small one bedrooom apartment would probably not be suitable for him.

Butterscotch needs a forever home with no dogs or young children now or in the future. This sweet boy came from a home with another cat and a couple of dogs. Because there were issues between Butterscotch and the dogs, we agreed to take him into our care. We don't know how Butterscoth interacted with the other cat in his home, but recently introduced him to a friendly SPCA cat named Fluffy. The boys have been happy to co-exist with each other - they haven't been together long enough to see what their longer-term interaction would be like. But no hissing, growling or signs of unease.

Butterscotch is a truly loving kitty who needs peace and quiet in a home that can give him lots of love.
Born:May 2010 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Orange/White Tabby
Needs feline companion:No, but may do fine with friendly, laid-back kitty. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
I have a foster home!
Candy is pure sweetness!
CANDY is a friendly, loving lap cat who is also a little timid. She is such a sweet girl - wanting nothing more than a nice warm lap to sit in. Candy needs a quiet home and time to adapt. Once she does, Candy is a total lap cat.

Candy enjoys rolling around in the sun as it shines through a window. She loves being petted and makes this cute twittering sound like a little bird. If you lean down to pet her, she rolls around at your toes and purrs loudly.

Candy needs a quiet home with a patient caretaker who is around the home to give her plenty of love and affection. We think she needs reassurance that she is now in a safe place. An adult-only home or a home with an older child would be fine as long as the child knows to be gentle with her. No babies or young children down the road.

Candy was found literally starving in frigid cold weather hovering under a cabin for shelter. A kind family, vacationing in PA, noticed on a five degree day that a cat was huddled under their cabin. They immediately put food out for her and weren't surprised to see her gobble it up. Once Candy realized the people were friendly, she literally jumped into the woman's arms and snuggled close to her.

Candy was then brought back to VA. She was malnourished and had some fur loss around her neck and on her belly. Our vet thinks this was most likely caused by starvation. With a steady diet, Candy gained weight right away and is enjoying the love and warmth she is getting in her foster home.
Born:January 2016 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Long-haired Tortoiseshell
Needs feline companion:Not sure Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:NA
I have a foster home!
Coco & Maize
COCO & MAIZE are typical young kitties who love to play! They like to chase each other and pounce on anything that moves. They are huge fans of cat toys, balls, feathers and hair bands. They also enjoy looking out the window watching the birds. These girls are good companions and need to be adopted together.

COCO is an adventurous, outgoing, beautiful young kitty. She has gorgeous silky black fur with one little dab of white on her chest. Coco absolutely loves other animals from dogs to kittens to full grown cats. Coco is a natural hunter. She loves to bird watch and chase anything that moves. One of Coco's favorite games is chasing treats when you throw them across the floor. She loves her cat toys and even fetches a small puff ball. Coco likes to snuggle and wrestle with her kitty friends.

MAIZE is an adorable black and white tuxedo. She enjoys playing with her buddy, Coco, and being with her foster family. She has gotten use to the large dog and other cats in her foster home, but would do best in a new home with just Coco. Maize enjoys cuddling with her foster family, and likes sleeping in bed with them at night. When new people enter the house she retreats to the quiet upstairs to survey the scene from afar before making her entrance. She will be timid at first in a new home and needs her more confident buddy, Coco, to show her the way. Maize is a sweetheart with a gentle soul.

Because Maize is little shy, these girls need a quiet home that will give Maize time to adapt. Older kids would be fine as the girls are use to being in a home with a family. These girls came into our care separately from a local shelter.
Born:September 2016 Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Black & Black/White Tuxedo
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
We have a foster home!
Emma will dazzle you with her calm, friendly demeanor!
EMMA is incredibly friendly and LOVES people. She settles into a new home right away - ready to explore the minute she's in a new place. Emma is not shy one bit! Her foster mom says Emma is a very relaxed, happy lap cat.

The first night in her foster home, Emma fell asleep in bed with the child in her foster home then joined her foster mom later on. So she was making her rounds! Emma likes to explore, but mostly likes watching birds out the window, snuggling on a cushion in the sun, or sitting next to you or in your lap purring and being petted. She is calm and loves laps. She even likes to sit next to the child in her foster home while he plays with legos.

At first it seemed like Emma wasn't interested in playing. But then her foster mom discovered that she responds to catnip! Just give her a toy 'laced' in catnip and watch her bat it around. Emma also loves chasing imaginary prey when you use the laser pointer.

As much as Emma loves people, she is much less enthusiastic about other cats! She came into SPCA's care after living in a cattery and didn't care too much for living with other cats and wasn't shy about letting them know her boundaries. Emma seems perfectly happy as a single kitty. We haven't seen her interact with dogs but she may do fine with a low-key, cat-friendly dog and we have no doubt she would rule the roost.

Emma is an amazing kitty who is looking for a family who wants a calm kitty who loves to sit in laps. Her new family needs to be around the home a fair amount to make sure she has companionship and gets plenty of snuggles and love.
Born:April 2015 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Brown Tabby
Needs feline companion:No prefers to be the only cat! Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
I have a foster home!
Fluffy NEEDS a screened-in porch to be happy!
FLUFFY is a truly amazing kitty who has been through so much in his short life. He is a sweet boy who is both bold and timid.

Once Fluffy feels secure in his surroundings, he races around with confidence. He bats toy mice around and even chases his own tail! Fluffy also LOVES spending time on a screened-in porch. Fluffy is bold when it comes to other cats - he runs right up to them to touch noses.

Fluffy is bonded with his foster mom, but a little timid toward other people. His foster mom can pick him up and carry him around like a rag doll. He likes to be petted and brushed when he's in the mood, but he can also be a little nippy when he gets over stimulated, or is not in the mood for being handled.

Fluffy needs a quiet home with a patient caretaker whose home is not expected to change much over time. He also needs a playful cat who likes to be chased when playing and who won't be intimidated by Fluffy's lack of 'kitty etiquette.' Fluffy wants to play with other cats, but isn't sure how to play.

Fluffy clearly had a home at some point. Having lived outdoors for at least a year, we can only imagine what he lived through. Because his right front leg had severely torn tendons, his leg had to be amputated. Most cats do great on three legs - they just need a little time to get their bearings and not feel vulnerable. Fluffy is no exception - he races around, runs up and down carpeted stairs, and jumps up and down couches and beds with ease. He also has no problem jumping in and out of his high-sided litter box and buries his waste with gusto.

Fluffy managed to survive outdoors hobbling around on three legs. A kind woman spent months feeding him and gaining his trust. Once she discovered that Fluffy was a sweet, social cat, she reached out for help. If you have a big heart AND the right home environment (quiet with a friendly cat and hopefully a screened-in porch!), please consider adopting Fluffy. He will reward you with lots of purring and love.
Born:May 2015 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Brown/White Tabby (Long-haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes, must have sweet, low-key male feline buddy. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?No Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:Fluffy has only three legs, but gets around just fine!
I have a foster home!
Georgie & Tahiti
These girls are as sweet as they come!
GEORGIE & TAHITI are very sweet, loving and playful girls. They aren't sisters and have different personalities, but play and sleep together and sometimes groom each other. These girls are bonded and need to be adopted together.

GEORGIE is a very sweet girl who meows and purrs loudly when she sees you, asking to be picked up and cuddled. She is moderately active, enjoying a good balance between playtime and nap time. Georgie loves to cuddle on soft blankets, kneading and nuzzling until she finds the right position to settle in for a snooze. She also likes to cuddle up to you at night. Georgie is timid with new people and in new surroundings, but acclimates to changes once she is comfortable. Georgie will probably always be a little timid around strangers.

TAHITI has a sweet, bold personality. She is not afraid to run up to new people and adjusts right away to new surroundings. Tahiti loves to explore, bat and carry toys around and watch the birds and squirrels outside. She is also very affectionate - Tahiti loves to cuddle up next to you, making biscuits in your lap and giving you kitty kisses. She is very people-oriented and needs to have plenty of people interaction.

These girls need a home where they will get plenty of attention from their caretaker(s). Because Georgie is a little shy, she needs a home with just adults, or a quiet family with just one or or two older children would be fine. A young person or couple who plans to have kids down the road would not be right for Georgie.

Georgie and Tahiti were both rescued outdoors separately with their siblings when they were young kittens.
Born:April 2017 (Georgie) & May 2017 (Tahiti) Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Black/Silver/White Tabby & Calico
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:NA
We have a foster home!
Gracie is a chatty girl.
GRACIE is a sweet, friendly kitty who will take a bit of time to settle into a new environment. Once she feels comfortable, Gracie loves to be petted and rumbles with purrs and headbutts your hand to get more. She enjoys following you around and trots up to you if you motion for her. And while Gracie is very outgoing with people she knows and trusts, she is very shy with new people she doesn't know.

Gracie loves to visit her foster family throughout the day. At night, she likes to take quick naps at the foot of your bed. She's extremely curious and loves being the center of attention. If she thinks that you aren't paying enough attention to her, Gracie collapses dramatically next to you and meows, waiting to be petted. Gracie is a very talkative girl who enjoys having 'conversations' with you. During her foster parents' free time, she enjoys lying next to them while they enjoy some peaceful kitty time. Whenever her foster family comes home, she runs up to the door, waiting to greet them with a cute meow. Once she's comfortable with you, Gracie makes it clear that she's a member of the family!

Gracie needs to be the only pet in the home - no other cats or dogs. She also needs a quiet home with adults only or a home with an older child would be fine too. A young person or couple whose lives will change over time and who may move around and/or have kids down the road won't be the right home for Gracie. With the right home and a patient caretaker, Gracie will make a loving addition to your family.
Born:April 2016 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Dilute Tortoiseshell
Needs feline companion:No, wants to be an only cat. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:NA
I have a foster home!
Julia & Oscar
These kitties are love bugs!
JULIA & OSCAR are a fun, cuddly, social pair of kitties. They are equally happy playing with each other or snuggling up next to people. They settle into a new home right away and always greet their human friends at the door when you come home. They are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.

JULIA has an adorable nose which is half pink, half brown. She is a sweet purring machine who loves being petted. When you meet Julia, it's easy to see why she usually gets her way! She has an outgoing personality, and isn't shy about letting you know what she wants.

OSCAR has beautiful sea green eyes. He has a soft, sweet personality and is always up for cuddles or down time. Oscar also won't miss an opportunity to play - with his sister or with you - so be ready for play time. He can sometimes get a little testy with a nip or swat so no young children for this playful boy. Oscar has food and/or environmental allergies that cause bumps on his neck and chest. He's under the care of a veterinary dermatologist and is being treated with hypo-allergenic food and medication (Atopica). Since being on this combination, Oscar has had NO outreaks so we are hopeful we have found the solution. Oscar is a food hound and gobbles up his liquid medication without even knowing it, so medicating this boy is easy.

Julia & Oscar need a forever home where they will get plenty of attention and have room to roam around and play. They would LOVE a family with older kids or a work-from-home situation where their caretaker is home during the day. Both kitties are very social and easy-going around people - they will bond right away with anyone who loves them!

Note: We are waiving the adoption fee for this pair due to Oscar's special needs.
Born:May 2016 Status:Available
Sex:1 Female, 1 MaleDescription:Brown/White Tabby & Brown Tabby
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:Yes, Oscar has allergies so he takes medication & both cats are on special prescription food.
We have a foster home!
Kirby - Adoption Pending!
Kirby is as sweet as she is beautiful!
KIRBY is a sweet, cuddly and loving girl. She is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside - a stunning black, orange and white calico/tortoiseshell mix.

Kirby is quick at adapting to a new home. It took her about 10 minutes to get acqjuainted to her foster home. And after a couple treats, she acts like she has lived there forever. Kirby always likes to be by your side and likes to know what is going on. When there are multiple people around, she trots from room to room to be a part of everything.

Kirby is also very playful. She enjoys playing with all types of toys, but her current obsessions are the laser pointer and playing with a plastic Easter egg filled with treats. When Kirby is ready to relax or go to sleep she lets you know by throwing her whole body down near you and sometimes you can hear it from across the room.

Kirby will fit into any loving home - from an active to a quiet household, single guardian to a family - as long as people are around to give her love and affection. Kirby is a great cat who is perfect for anyone looking for a sweet, people loving cat.

Kirby came into our from a cattery that housed FIV positive cats. While Kirby is FIV positive, she is a healthy girl who is expected to live a normal life span. Please don't let her FIV status dissuade you from considering this wonderful kitty. She will bring you years of love and companionship.
Born:January 2014 Status:Adoption Pending
Needs feline companion:No Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Quiet to Very Active
Special needs:Kirby is a healthy FIV positive kitty who requires no special care.
This girl is a little princess!
MURISSA is a cute, petite fluffy girl who is also a bit of a diva! She likes to greet you at the door and rub up against your legs then roll on her back as she chirps to greet you. Murissa is also very playful and especially likes playing with the Cat's Meow, strings, a feather wand and tunnels. She also enjoys simpler things like boxes, bags and hair ties.

Murissa likes to sleep on her foster mom's bed at night, but typically gets up in the middle of the night to wander around and find a new place to sleep. She also enjoys hanging out with her foster mom and briefly being petted behind her ears and on her neck. However, she's a little too sensitive to be petted elsewhere on her body and will nip at your hands to let you know she doesn't like this. Murissa will let you brush her coat lightly to keep it light and fluffy! She is not a lap cat, but does want to be with you in the same room to keep an eye on things.

Murissa needs an adult-only home with an experienced cat caretaker who has no other pets. By saying 'adult-only,' we mean now and in the future with no kids down the road. Murissa will take a little time to settle into a new environment and needs someone who will understand her behavior and her cues. Once Murissa settles in, she will reign over her little kingdom like a princess!

Murissa came into our care with a litter of kittens from a local shelter.
Born:October 2011 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Brown Tabby (Medium-Haired)
Needs feline companion:No, needs to be an only cat. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?No Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:Home without kids, other cats or dogs.
I have a foster home!
Sophie is a miracle kitty!
SOPHIE is one of the sweetest cats you will ever meet! She is a very friendly, loving kitty, but will be a little shy at first. With a little patience and time to adjust on her own, Sophie will soon become a part of your family.

One of Sophie's back legs was surgically removed when she was a tiny kitten (see details below). But don't let this fool you - having just three legs doesn't slow her down for a moment! She loves to chase toy monster trucks and bouncy balls all over the house, running as fast as any 4 legged cat and climbs to the top of a 6 foot cat tree with ease.

Sophie gets along with everyone in her new foster home, especially the humans. She loves, loves, loves people and needs a family with gentle kids to shower her with love and affection. Sophie has taken a real shining to the two children in her foster home - sleeping with them and following them around the house. She doesn't want to miss a moment of the action. Sophie purrs and chirps constantly so you don't forget she's there following you looking for affection!

Sophie also likes hanging out with the 'chill' resident cat, Ozzie. She doesn't engage in play with him, but likes to be around him. Sophie ignores the cat-friendly dog in the home, Eva. Sophie had a recent bad experience in a different home - she was bullied by the cat and fearful of the dog. So we think a home without a dog and with a friendly, low-key cat, like Ozzie, is what's best for her.

Sophie was found outdoors at 5 weeks of age, weighing just 8 ounces and missing half of one of her back legs. It's a miracle she survived. Because her leg was infected, she underwent emergency surgery to remove the rest of her leg. After a few days of intensive care, Sophie recovered and has grown to become a wonderful little kitty. She is not defined by what's missing - Sophie is the whole package and is all heart.
Born:June 2017 Status:Available
Needs feline companion:Yes, needs low-key kitty friend. Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 6 and older Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:Sophie only has three legs but gets around just fine!
I have a foster home!
Sophie & Katie
These girls are sweet and gentle kitties.
SOPHIE & KATIE are very sweet girls. They aren't sisters but have been together since they were kittens. These girls get along very nicely and keep each other company. They need to be adopted as a pair.

SOPHIE is very affectionate and loves to sit with you. She will sit for hours with the oldest child in her home as he plays with X-box. Sophie also likes being petted and played with gently and will sleep at the foot of your bed at night.

KATIE is a very quiet kitty, who is a little shy. She likes to hang out with her family and follows them around. She also comes to you for attention when it's calm and quite. Katie likes to wander around the house to see what everyone is up to. If her buddy, Sophie, isn't around, Katie starts meowing until Sophie comes running.

Sophie and Katie like to hang out with people and with each other. They don't snuggle with each other but are usually found in the morning sleeping near each other on a couch or cat tree. They like to play with toys and with each other. They like the flat cloth toys filled with catnip - taking turns batting them across the hardwood floors and chasing after them. They also like to chase each other up and down the stairs - playing follow the leader.

Sophie and Katie have grown up in a home with three kids, but their transition to a new home should be to a quiet one. Preferably with adults only, although a quiet home with an older child would be fine. Both girls like to hang out with people, and be petted and played with gently. But they don't like being picked up and carried around.

Sophie was adopted out by SPCA as a kitten into a home with a family with kids and two cats, one being Katie. The girls are sadly looking for a new home because one of the children in their home has become severely allergic to them.
Born:2011 Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Dilute Calico & Brown/White Tabby (Long-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes must be adopted as a pair. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:NA
We need a foster home!
That is quiet.
Stardust has a BIG personality!
STARDUST is a friendly, lively teenager! He is easy-going one minute when he's calm or fast asleep then the next minute he's racing around bursting with energy. Stardust loves interactive play with his foster mom but is also very good at entertaining himself. He goes wild for any toy that squeaks or flies. This boy has a lot of energy to burn!

When Stardust is not in play-mode, he is very loving. He likes being the center of attention, being carried around and looking out the windows watching the birds and squirrels outside. Stardust also likes getting his head scratched and gives you 'kitty kisses' in return to show his affection. He needs people who want an interactive cat who craves attention.

Stardust needs another active, confident male cat in his forever home to bond and wrestle with. He can get a little nippy when playing or when he wants something - we expect this behavior to subside once he has the right other active male cat to play with. So humans who know how to handle and redirect this behavior is important. His current foster home has older cats who don't like his rambunctious play.

Stardust is a very healthy, growing boy. He does, however, have somewhat soft stools that could be caused by a food allergy. We will be testing a special hyperallergenic diet on him as soon as we can move him to the right foster home with just one other cat who can also be on this type of diet.

Stardust is a little miracle. He was found running along a rural country road all by himself by an SPCA volunteer. He was hungry and scared, and had fleas and earmites. He also had a scraped up face and part of his tail is missing. None of this has affected Stardust's spirit - he is friendly and full of life. All he needs is an active home to call his own.
Born:June 2017 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Grey/White (Medium-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes must have active male feline buddy Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Moderately Active to Very Active
Special needs:May need hypoallergenic diet for possible food allergies causing soft stools
I need a foster home!
With a rambunctious male cat!
Tess & Tara
These girls need gentle, loving people!
TESS & TARA are great young kitties who are use to getting lots of love from their foster parents. They are good buddies who have bonded in their foster home and need to be adopted as a pair.

TESS is a gorgeous tortoiseshell with super soft fur. She is a very affectionate girl who loves people. Tess wants to be really close to you - nuzzling with you to be petted and sleeping under the covers with you or next to another kitty at night. She doesn't like to be alone and cries for her foster parents or the other kitties if she finds herself alone. She has an adorable, tiny mew and likes to talk with you.

Tess is also curious and at ease exploring and meeting new people. She has an easy-going temperament and medium energy level when playing. She is good at entertaining herself with a little pompom or catnip squirrel. Tess plays fetch with fuzzy balls, often delivering them to you. She enjoys playing chase with Tara and the other adult cats in her foster home.

TARA is a sweet kitty who has the softest fur. She loves being petted all over and scratched and often rolls over to stretch to ask for more! Tara has an instant purr - her foster mom sometimes even hears Tara purring when she's just watching the other kitties getting affection. Tara also has a small, chirpy voice.

Tara is a friendly girl who is affectionate, but also independent. She is becoming a lap kitty like her buddy, Tess. She likes to sleep beside you at night. She's a smart kitty and a quick learner. She responds to your voice with a soft meow. Tara is good at entertaining herself with Easter eggs, wand toys and laser pointers and is good at sharing her toys with other cats. She likes playing with Tess and the other cats in her foster home but sometimes gets a little rough.

Tess and Tara are use to a quiet foster home with adults and several other cats. They have not been exposed to dogs or children. They need a quiet to moderately active forever home with no babies or young children down the road. An older child or two who are gentle and quiet would be just fine for the girls. They would also do great with another friendly cat or two since they are use to being with other cats.

These girls came into our care after being rescued outdoors separately as young kittens.
Born:September 2017 (Tess) & August 2017 (Tara) Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Tortoiseshell & Grey/White
Needs feline companion:Yes must be adopted as pair. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
We have a foster home!

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