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Things to note:
--Kittens must be adopted in pairs (unless you already have a compatible cat at home). Why kittens need feline companionship.
--We adopt ONLY to residents of Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland, and Washington D.C.

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Anna & Molly
These girls make an adorable pair!
ANNA & MOLLY are gentle, well-behaved kitties who like to greet their foster family when they come home. These girls have become best buddies and need to be adopted together.

ANNA is a friendly, outgoing kitty. She comes running when you call her and likes to be involved with her foster family's activities. Anna also likes to be petted and snuggle up for a nap with her foster mom whenever she gets a chance! This friendly girl also LOVES to play fetch with her favorite toy mouse over and over again.

MOLLY is a petite girl with striking features and fur as soft as a rabbit. She is a little timid until she gets to know you, but once Molly adjusts to a new environment she likes to hang out with her human family. Molly also likes to wrestle and groom her best friend forever, Anna!

Because Molly is a little timid, she and Anna need a quiet home that will give Molly a little time to adapt to changes. These girls came into our care from a local shelter.
Born:Oct 2015 (Anna) & May 2015 (Molly) Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Grey/White (Medium-Haired) & Black/White (Short-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes - can be adopted as a pair. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:NA
We have a foster home!
This pair is friendly, entertaining and loving!

While these boys are not littermates, Biscuit and Ozzy quickly bonded as foster brothers. Both are young and playful as well as laid back and genuinely enjoy each other's company. Although they are both FIV positive, Biscuit and Ozzy are both in very good health. You can follow these boys on their own Facebook page: These buddies need to be adopted as a pair.

BISCUIT is quite the character! His silly, playful antics (including jumping into the shower with his foster mom) keeps her in stitches. He is not a lap cat, but usually sleeps either at the foot of his foster mom's bed or on the floor beside the bed - he likes to be close, but not quite touching. Biscuit loves playing with his toys as well as wrestling with Ozzy. He loves having company over and often runs to the front door to answer when the pizza delivery guy knocks! A bit of a 'tree dweller,' Biscuit also enjoys climbing his kitty shelves or resting halfway up the apartment's spiral staircase, keeping an eye on his 'little brother' below.

OZZY is a little guy with a big purr! A chatty kind of fellow (he'll even sing for his supper), Ozzy loves nothing more than a good cuddle. He gives his foster mom lots and lots of kitty kisses and sleeps curled up against her chest every night. Ozzy enjoys playing with his toys, but also loves a good romp Biscuit. His foster mom often wakes up to the sight of Biscuit and Ozzy quietly wrestling on the floor! Ozzy's foster mom thinks the cutest thing about Ozzy (of which there are many) might be his high-pitched, kitten-like meow and his occasional little 'smirk,' which is actually the result of missing a tooth! You couldn't find a sweeter kitty than this lap cat.

Both boys were stray cats before coming into our care who spent time wandering the streets. They must have had scuffles with other cats where they picked up FIV. Indoor-only FIV positive cats can live long, healthy lives just like other cats as long as their caretakers are proactive about their care. Neither kitty has had any health issues while in our care and are expected to live long lives. To read more about FIV, please see 'Surviving Life on the Streets with FIV' (SPCA's Winter 2014 newsletter).

Note: We waive adoption fees for FIV positive cats like Biscuit and Ozzy.
Born:April 2013 (Biscuit) & September 2011 (Ozzy) Status:Available
Sex:MalesDescription:Brown Tabby (Maine Coon mix) & Black/White Tuxedo
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:Pro-active vet care for healthy FIV positive kitties.
We have a foster home!
Caramella is a sweetheart!
CARAMELLA is a sweet and affectionate tortoiseshell with beautiful markings and golden-yellow eyes. She is fairly low-key and enjoys lounging in her hammock and basking in sunbeams coming through the window. Caramella loves people and enjoys cuddling up with you on the couch. She purrs frequently and loves to be petted.

Caramella is timid toward other cats so she needs just the right feline buddy. It took her some time to warm up to the other kitties in her foster home, but now they are all buddies and like to chase each other back and forth around the house. The resident cats are pretty mellow themselves but like to play gently - just what Carmella needs in a feline buddy.

This sweet kitty was found outdoors in the cold apparently abandoned along with another cat by a resident in an apartment complex. The other kitty was taken in by another resident and Carmella was transferred to our care. We are now looking for the right home for Carmella.
Born:August 2015 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Tortoiseshell (Black/Orange)
Needs feline companion:Yes, needs a sweet, low-key feline buddy Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
I have a foster home!
Clyde thinks he's a dog!
CLYDE is a very friendly, outgoing, low-key kitty who acts more like a dog than a cat!

This sweet, friendly boy wants nothing more than hanging out with you and following you around the house. Clyde sits with his foster mom as she watches TV and loves to be petted. He rewards her with a very loud purr that his foster mom describes as 'practically operatic!' He's also very well-behaved, using is scratching post and a little cat bed to sleep in.

Clyde was apparently abandoned outdoors. He was being cared for by a kind family who provided him with shelter outdoors and a safe haven inside their townhouse when it got really cold outside. When they took their dogs out for a walk, Clyde would follow them - trotting along like one of the pack! So a home with a cat-friendly dog would provide great companionship for Clyde.

While Clyde is FIV positive, he is a very healthy kitty who is expected to live a nice long life.

Note: We waive adoption fees for FIV positive cats like Clyde.
Born:February 2013 Status:Recently Adopted
Sex:MaleDescription:Brown Tabby
Needs feline companion:No Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:
I have a foster home!
This boy has gorgeous eyes - one blue and one green!
DEUCE is a handsome young kitty with different colored eyes. This is a unique trait in a kitty we don't see very often.

Deuce is a social kitty who's daily mission is to keep tabs on the family activities. He is a curious fellow who quickly adjusts to new situations, and appreciates attention from anyone willing to spend time with him. He loves being petted, purrs a lot and loves curling up with his foster mom. Deuce also loves watching the birds and squirrels in the backyard of his foster home, and loves basking in the morning sunshine that comes into the living room window.

Deuce has been exposed to small and large dogs, and has been comfortable with both. We recently introduced Deuce to a foster home with an older - but playful - male cat and were surprised to see how playful he became! When by himself without another cat to interact with, Deuce was more mellow although he does like to play with toys. Deuce loves having a kitty buddy to play with and needs a home with another like-minded kitty.

Deuce came into our care from a local shelter.
Born:March 2015 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Grey/White with one blue & one green eye!
Needs feline companion:Yes Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
I have a foster home!
Gilbert & Napoleon
These boys are sweet, loving, low-key kitties!
GILBERT & NAPOLEON are very sweet boys who want nothing more than a loving home. They are sweet, affectionate and pretty low-key. These boys are not brothers, but have been together for about 8 years. They are very bonded and we wouldn't dream of separating them!

Both boys get along well with older kids, cats and cat-friendly dogs. They like to be petted and don't mind being picked up and carried around. They also love to roll over for belly rubs. When they are energetic, they love to play with toys and wrestle with and chase each other.

GILBERT has beautiful light green eyes and a plush coat of gray. He is very friendly, outgoing and talkative. Gilbert LOVES to sunbathe, sleep in cat beds, be picked up and get his ears rubbed. He is a talker and always answers when you talk to him. Gilbert also likes to chase his own tail! He comes when you call him and answers to the name 'Gilly.'

NAPOLEON has stunning different colored eyes - one is hazel (brownish-green) and the other is light green. He is very sweet and has a huge motor he turns on when you pet him. Napoleon is also a little shy with new people and changes, but once he feels comfortable he is very friendly and affectionate. He likes to sleep on the bed with his human caretaker and LOVES to be brushed and petted! Napoleon also likes to chase bouncy balls and answers when you call him 'Polie.'

Gilbert and Napoleon came into our care after their loving caretaker fell on hard times and had to move in with elderly grandparents who are highly allergic to cats. SPCA is happy to help these boys find a new loving home.
Born:2008 and 2007 Status:Available
Sex:MalesDescription:Gray (Gilbert: short-haired; Napoleon: long-haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
We have a foster home!
Goldie & Scout
These tabbies are just adorable!
GOLDIE & SCOUT are opposites in many ways, but they are also best buddies. They need to be adopted as a pair.

GOLDIE is very sweet and a bit more reserved than her brother, Scout. She has the softest fur - just like a rabbit. Goldie loves being petted and is very affectionate once she has settled in and gets to know you. She also has a very loud purr motor!

SCOUT is much more outgoing than his sister. He runs to see you as soon as you enter the room. He loves to play and being petted. Scout is a very playful little guy, with a ton of energy. He loves playing with toy mice and with his own tail - which has hasn't caught yet!

Goldie and Scout spend a lot of time playing together - their foster family hears them thumping around in their room. But as soon as the door is open, they want attention. Neither cat seems to be able to walk in a straight line, because they rub up against each other as they move. They make it hard for humans to walk too, since they like to rub against legs!

These siblings were born outside to a barn cat, but quickly showed that they were too friendly to remain outside. They were brought inside by a kind family and later transferred to SPCA's care.
Born:July 2015 Status:Available
Sex:1 Female, 1 MaleDescription:Brown Tabbies
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair. Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
We have a foster home!
Gracie - Adoption Pending!
Gracie is a big ball of fluff!
GRACIE is a beautiful long-haired kitty (possibly Persian) who likes to talk, sit next to you on the couch and rub against your legs. This fluffy girl is inquisitive and makes a daily habit of checking out open doors and drawers. Gracie enjoys attention, but does have limits on how much she wants to be petted or brushed. So her caretaker needs to watch for her swishing tail as a sign that she has had enough petting or brushing.

Gracie has made it loud and clear that she doesn't see how children fit into her world! So no kids in her forever home now or in the future. Gracie also needs to be the only pet - no other cats or dogs! Gracie likes to have peace and quiet so a home that is quite to moderately active is what will keep this girl happy.

Gracie came into our care after her caretaker passed away. With nowhere else to go, she was sadly brought to a local shelter. Gracie quickly became depressed in a cage, and after 5 days of refusing to eat, SPCA was asked to help this beautiful girl. Within hours of being in her temporary foster home, she gobbled down two cans of cat food.

Her caretaker's family told the shelter that Gracie is Persian, but she does not have a Persian's trademark flat face. She is petite and has very fine, soft fur - like a Persian. She is sweet but has a little bit of sassiness to her personality - she knows what she likes and doesn't like!

Gracie is a wonderful kitty for someone who wants a pampered princess!
Born:December 2013 Status:Adoption Pending
Sex:FemaleDescription:Black Long-Haired (Persian)
Needs feline companion:No, needs to be an only cat. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?No Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:Lots of brushing
Hershey & Richmond
These two are best buddies!
HERSHEY & RICHMOND are quite the pair! Although not related by blood, these two are siblings at heart. Both get along great with the other cats, dogs and kids in their foster home. They will do best in an active home.

HERSHEY is as sweet as his name! He is a fun-loving kitty who loves to be around people and other animals. Hershey is a rambunctious boy who loves to be where the action is and isn't phased by much. He is also good at entertaining himself with toys - his favorite is a sparkly blue ball that he carries around and deposits in water bowls. Hershey sleeps all stretched out so as many parts of his body are touching his foster mom as possible.

RICHMOND came into her foster home as a wee baby where Hershey and other foster kitties were living. From the moment she met Herhsey, a bond was forged. After repeated attempts to introduce Richmond to another young female kitty, it became evident that she preferred the rascally Hershey - she plays with him, grooms him and can't get enough of him! Luckily, the feeling is mutual.

Hershey came into our care with his two sisters (adopted!) as a young kitten after being found - literally - buried in freshly spread mulch. Richmond was found outdoors by herself and rescued as a tiny baby.
Born:September 2015 Status:Available
Sex:1 Male & 1 FemaleDescription:Black
Needs feline companion:Yes Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
We have a foster home!
Ike is a sweet and gentle kitty.
IKE is a gorgeous all white cat with beautiful blue eyes. He is a very sweet boy who is both laid-back and curious. Ike likes to spend his days napping by the window and batting his stuffed mouse around the floor like a hockey player! At night, he sleeps at the end of his foster mom's bed and is content to sleep in until she gets up.

Ike settles in easily into a new home and likes to explore his surroundings. He loves being petted and brushed and judges your hand with his head until you give him a good scratch behind the ears. Ike likes hanging out with his human buddies but also needs to have other pets around to keep him company. Ike does well with both like-minded, low-key cats and dogs.

Ike was adopted out as a kitten with his sibling but returned to our care when his home became too active for him. Ike likes to be around activity, but his low-key personality is best suited for a relatively calm home environment.

Ike is on special prescription food to prevent crystals in his urine. He needs to stay on this special food for the rest of his life. Ike needs a caretaker who will be diligent about making sure he is kept 100% on this food and gets regular annual checkups at the vet.

Note: We waive adoption fees for special needs kitties like Ike.
Born:July 2011 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:White with blue eyes
Needs feline companion:Yes Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:Prescription food to prevent crystals in urine
I have a foster home!
Katherine & Mason
These kitties are amazing!
KATHERINE & MASON are adorable buddies who need to be adopted together. These best buddies need a quiet home with patient caretakers who understand Katherine's special needs.

KATHERINE is a happy, friendly special needs girl who came into SPCA's care as a tiny kitten who fit into the palm of your hand. She was found by a young girl on the side of the road. Katherine has a slight head tilt and it sways back and forth a bit but this doesn't affect her balance - she has no problem walking a straight line or jumping up and down on things. She has been evaluated by a veterinary neurologist who says her slight neurological disorder is most likely caused by a congenital defect near her inner ear. Katherine functions well, her condition will not change over time and no medication is needed. However, her forever family needs to be patient when introducing her to new surroundings, and be sensitive to the impact loud noises have on her. When Katherine was 3 months old, she was introduced to Mason in her foster home. He has become her best buddy and her 'rock'.

MASON is a gorgeous fluffy orange kitty. He is a friendly kitty who is confident and mellow. He has a loud purr motor and loves to be cuddled by his foster family. Mason has active, playful moments but he's more of a couch potato! This sweet boy has also learned to watch over his buddy, Katherine. They are never far away from each other and make an interesting pair of lovable kitties. Mason was found outdoors all by himself as a young kitten by a mail carrier. He simply walked up and introduced himself! Who could resist taking in this orange ball of fur?

These kitties do fine with adult cats, laid-back, cat-friendly dogs and understanding kids. They are special kitties who are looking for a special home.
Born:March 2015 (Katherine) & April 2015 (Mason) Status:Available
Sex:1 Female, 1 MaleDescription:Brown Tabby (Katherine) & Orange Long-Haired (Mason)
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Kids age 12 and older Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:Katherine has slight neurological issues.
We have a foster home!
Luke is a three-legged acrobat!
LUKE came into the SPCA's care from a local shelter with a badly broken left front leg. After evaluation from an orthopedic surgeon, we determined that Luke would be much better off without his badly damaged leg. Luke has had a successful surgery and recovery, and is now ready for a home of his own.

Luke is incredibly outgoing, people-oriented and settles into any situation instantly. He can be described as a dog in a cat's suit. He gets along well with cat friendly dogs and every cat he has met. Luke also does great with kids of any age. Luke is happy to play independently or with other four legged creatures. When he hops upstairs and doesn't find a human friend, he meows until someone calls out to him. At night, he insists on sleeping on the bed with a foster family member.

Luke loves to cuddle and has a loud purr motor to share with anyone who will give him attention. He can also be a little mischievous like most teenage males. His forever home needs to be kitten-proofed and he does like to play in his water bowl so some precautions need to be taken.

Luke needs a home where he will get lots of love and affection. He will be a great addition for any activity level in his forever home with at least one other four legged, active, furry buddy - cat or dog.

Born:September 2015 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Buff Tabby (with 3 legs)
Needs feline companion:Yes, needs cat or dog buddy Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Quiet to Very Active
Special needs:Kitten proofed home
I have a foster home!
Marbles is a sweet, low-key kitty!
MARBLES is very loving toward people and settles pretty easily into new surroundings. He likes to hang out with people - following his foster dad around the house and up and down the stairs. He sits quietly next to his foster dad while he's on the couch or working on his computer. Marbles is starting to show interest in playing with toys - batting balls around - and is good about using his scratching post.

Marbles is timid toward other cats - he was often chased by other cats outdoors before coming into SPCA's care. Marbles needs a forever home - at least initially - as the only cat so he can settle in and feel safe and secure. He's comfortable around small dogs and may enjoy canine companionship.

Marbles is a sweet boy who is happy to finally be off the streets. He was a stray cat being fed by people in his neighborhood. With the weather turning cold, his guardians knew it was time to get Marbles off the streets for good!

Marbles is a sweetheart who is now ready for a loving home of his own!
Born:December 2013 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Orange & White
Needs feline companion:No, will be happiest as an only cat. Good with dogs? Only Small Dogs
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
I have a foster home!
Mira & Mimi
These girls are little miracles!
MIRA & MIMI are surrogate sisters who are good little buddies and need to be adopted as a pair.

MIRA is a sweet, friendly kitten. She is very people oriented and turns on her purr motor the minute she sees you. Mira loves to be petted and rubbing up against you to show her affection. This sweet girl is also playful and quite adventurous. She loves playing with her surrogate sister Mimi, batting toys around or pouncing on anything that moves.

At one week of age, Mira was rescued from outdoors as an orphaned kitten with her 6 siblings. Luckily another rescue group had two nursing mom cats who came from a local shelter (Olive and another adult cat) with small litters of newborns. Mira and her siblings were split up into two groups -- Mira and two of her siblings (adopted!) were placed with Olive, Mimi's mom, who instantly became her surrogate mom.

MIMI is an adorable kitten who is a carbon copy of her mom, Olive. She is a sweet, low-key kitten who likes hanging out with her surrogate sister, Mira. She is as soft as a bunny rabbit and loves to flop down on the floor and stretch out asking you to pet her! She loves to be petted and having her face stroked. Mimi loves being held and even at this young age is a lap cat! She is a tad bit shy and startles with loud noises and likes to follow the lead from her buddy, Mira.

Mimi is nothing short of a miracle. She has very slight tremors and mild neurological challenges keeping her balance, but has learned to compensate amazingly well. She gets around just fine, has no problem using the litter box and does great playing with Mira. Sadly, Mimi's mom received a distemper vaccination at a local shelter when she was pregnant which lead to the death of 6 of her siblings shortly after birth. This sweet, brave little girl's neurological issues will not get worse over time and she is even expected to get better as she grows and learns to compensate for her slight balance issues.

These girls are lucky to be alive and waiting for a forever home of their own with no young children, dogs or other cats.
Born:September 2015 Status:Available
Sex:FemalesDescription:Brown/White Tabby (Mira) & White with Black (Mimi)
Needs feline companion:Yes, must be adopted as a pair. Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:Mimi has very minor issues with her balance.
We have a foster home!
This girl is a little princess!
MURISSA is a friendly little diva! This petite girl loves to greet you at the door and rub up against your legs as she chirps to greet you. Murissa is also very playful and especially likes playing with the Cat's Meow and strings.

Being the diva that she is, Murissa likes hanging out with her foster mom and being petted behind her ears and on her neck. However, she does not like full body rubs and nips at your hand if you do this. Some cats are just a little too sensitive to being touched in certain places and Murissa is one of these kitties.

Murissa likes to sleep on her foster mom's bed at night but typically gets up in the middle of the night to wander around and find a new place to sleep. She has really come out of her shell in our care and we think Murissa will continue to become friendlier and probably more comfortable with being handled once she gets more comfortable in her new surroundings.

Murissa came into our care with a litter of kittens from a local shelter.
Born:October 2011 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Brown Tabby (Medium-Haired)
Needs feline companion:No Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?No Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:Home without kids and other cats.
I have a foster home!
Murphy - Adoption Pending!
This boy is quite a character!
MURPHY is a very handsome, happy and playful kitty with tons of personality. His foster mom says he's an awesome 'hunter.' Murphy especially loves to play with furry toy mice - retrieving and hiding them, then bringing them to her to toss around again! When he's done playing, Murphy loves to settle down for a nap basking in the sun or in one of his favorite window perches where he can watch the birds and squirrels.

Murphy loves playing with other cats and needs a playful male buddy he can wrestle and play chasing games with. Murphy is not shy when meeting new cats or people. He's very curious about cats and people that share his space. Murphy is tentative about the cat-friendly dog in his foster home - a Lab/Pitbull mix. So a home without dogs will be best for him.

Murphy is active and adventurous. A home where he has room to explore would be great. He would also do well in an active home with older kids who like to entertain cats. Murphy walks well on a leash when he's being exercised at our cat adoption fairs.

Murphy came into our care from a local shelter.
Born:August 2015 Status:Adoption Pending
Sex:MaleDescription:Brown Tabby
Needs feline companion:Yes, needs a playful male buddy Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Very Active
Special needs:NA
This sweet boy just wants to be loved!
POCKETS is a very sweet, moderately playful kitty. He loves being petted and brushed and getting belly rubs. While Pockets adores people, he can be timid when meeting new people. Once Pockets gets to know you and feels safe in his surroundings, he LOVES to hang out with you and comes running when you call his name!

Pockets is also playful and good at keeping himself occupied with toys. He loves to empty out his toy box then carry toys around. Pockets is learning to play fetch with fuzzy balls, but sometimes forgets to bring them back to you!

Pockets needs a low-key, but playful, like-minded kitty to bond and play with. Pockets gets lonely when his human companions are away from home so having a feline buddy who likes other cats is important for him. Pockets needs a quiet home without young children now or in the future. He will also do best in a home that will be relatively stable over time (e.g., without lots of moving around).

Pockets was found outdoors covered in scabs and sores, and had a very thin coat with patches of missing fur. He was infested with fleas and had developed a secondary bacterial skin infection. His skin has healed and his coat has grown back so he is now a fluffy boy. Pockets has had occasional bouts of skin irritation so we think he has other allergies, possibly to food or environmental allergens. He is not currently on any medications but eats prescription hypoallergenic food.

Note: We waive adoption fees for special needs kitties like Pockets.
Born:April 2012 Status:Available
Sex:MaleDescription:Brown/White Tabby (Medium-Haired)
Needs feline companion:Yes, needs low-key feline buddy Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Quiet
Special needs:Hypoallergenic food
I have a foster home!
Qian is a sweetheart!
QIAN is one of the sweetest cats on the planet! She meets you at the door, comes running when you call her and goes back and forth between multiple people to get as much petting as possible. Then she loves nothing more than curling up on your lap to relax and hang out with you!

Qian is also playful if you instigate play with her with a wand or mouse on a string. She is quite playful when she is in the mood! Qian also loves using her cardboard scratching board and is a very polite, well-mannered kitty.

This sweet girl has come a long way since coming into our care in November 2012 as a stray kitty. Qian looked so good that we initially thought she was about three years old. But when she developed hyperthyroidism, we knew she had to be at least eight years old. After trying unsuccessfully to get her thyroid regulated with medication, Qian received Radiocat treatment and her thyroid is now perfectly normal. She does have slight inflammatory bowel disease - treated with special food and a low dose of Prednisolone (steroid) once a day.

Qian is now a healthy, happy senior kitty who is now ready for a home of her own. If you would like to give this sweetheart a forever home and can attend to her medical needs, please let us know. You will not be disappointed.

NOTE: We waive adoption fees for special needs kitties like Qian.
Born:January 2005 Status:Recently Adopted
Sex:FemaleDescription:Brown/Orange Tabby/Tortoiseshell
Needs feline companion:No, does not like other cats! Good with dogs? No
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:Mild inflammatory inflammatory disease
I have a foster home!
Quinn - Adoption Pending!
Quinn is a slightly cross-eyed boy who LOVES dogs!
QUINN is an inquisitive and loving young male cat who loves to play. He likes being petted and sleeping on the bed with you at night. He's even quite a cuddle bug when he wants to be!

Quinn adapted almost immediately to his foster home and is great with the two resident dogs in his foster home. He is very accepting of the 8 1/2 year old Pug. They can be found laying close together on the bed at night or on the pet pillows in front of the sliding glass doors soaking up the sun and checking out the neighborhood activity. Quinn is quite playful with his foster parents' Lab/Boxer 10 month old puppy, Lucy. Quinn and Lucy love to talk to each other and play. We really want Quinn's forever home to have a cat-friendly dog to keep him company!

Quinn loves breakfast and dinner time. He practically runs you over to get to the kitchen and his bowl! Quinn likes human companionship and follow you around to see what is going on and if he can help!

Quinn was a skinny, stray kitty found outdoors by the neighbor of an SPCA volunteer. We have not seen Quinn interact with cats so we don't know how he would do with a feline buddy. But we know he does great with cat-friendly dogs. Quinn is a little ball of joy who will charm his way into your heart and hopefully your home!
Born:May 2014 Status:Adoption Pending
Sex:MaleDescription:Grey Tabby
Needs feline companion:No, but he would love to have a playful canine buddy! Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby is friendly and sassy!
RUBY TUESDAY is a multi-dimensional kitty. She is friendly and playful. She is also sweet and independent...and just a little bit sassy! Ruby does great with cat-friendly dogs, but probably needs to be the only cat in the household.

Ruby loves being around people and always wants to be where the action is. She follows her foster mom around everywhere. When she hears the door-bell ring, she runs to the door to greet whoever is there. Ruby is a very polite and well-behaved kitty who always uses her scratching posts and never jumps on the kitchen counter. Her favorite past-time is being brushed, which she loves even more than her treats. And speaking of treats, she is probably the only cat you'll find who stands up on her back legs to beg for treats!

Ruby is very playful and makes anything she can swat into a toy. She loves chasing a tennis ball - even though it belongs to her canine friend, Cassie! It took Ruby a little while to get use to Cassie, but now her favorite pass-time is waiting around corners and pouncing in front of Cassie when she walks by. Ruby adapts to various situations easily, from workmen fixing the floors, ambulances driving by, overnight guests, or vocal Superbowl parties.

Ruby will make a wonderful companion to a lucky person or family with older kids who can give this great kitty a forever home!
Born:2006 Status:Available
Sex:FemaleDescription:Brown and Orange Tabby/Tortoiseshell
Needs feline companion:No Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Older Kids Only Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:In-home vet (she does not like carriers!)
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Salvador is a teddy bear in a cat's suit!
SALVADOR is a mellow, affectionate boy. He loves to put his paws on his foster mom's shoulders and snuggle under her chin. He has a nice purr motor, and appreciates being doted upon.

Salvador has short bursts of energy and scampers throughout his foster home, but is mostly content window watching, monitoring household activities or batting around a ping pong ball. Salvador adjusted easily to his new foster household, and gets along well with the other adult cats in his foster home. He does well with older kids and is also comfortable around cat-friendly dogs.

Salvador needs a forever home where the household activity level fits his mellow personality. He needs a forever home with at least one other companion cat or dog to keep him company.

This sweet boy came into our care from a local shelter.
Born:February 2013 Status:Available
Needs feline companion:Yes Good with dogs? Yes
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Quiet to Moderately Active
Special needs:Very mild seasonal allergies - takes antihistamines daily.
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Tia loves to pose for the camera!
TIA is not your average calico kitty. She is a native of Guyana, South America, who left behind hunting exotic birds and lizards, and climbing coconut trees, to live the American Dream.

Even though Tia is an indoor-only kitty now, she won't hesitate to show you her lightning-fast speed to catch a toy or get to her next meal. She is a talkative kitty, especially when it comes to food. If you rub her head and talk to her sweetly, she purrs non-stop. Since she is just a 'teenager,' Tia needs some gentle reminders about house rules, such as not jumping up on kitchen counter tops.

Tia adapts well to new surroundings and needs another playful female kitty to bond and play with. She is a tiny cat - only about 7 pounds. Without a feline buddy, Tia is a bit too playfully rambunctious and can get a little nippy. Tia also needs a family to shower her with love and affection.

Tia was brought to the U.S. by a Peace Corp volunteer who just couldn't leave this sweet girl behind when she returned to the U.S. Tia is a little too energetic for the older kitty in this Peace Corp volunteer's home so she has asked for help finding Tia a new home with the right feline playmate.
Born:July 2015 Status:Available
Needs feline companion:Yes, needs a playful female feline buddy Good with dogs? Not Sure
Good with kids?Yes Home environment:Moderately Active
Special needs:NA
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