The puppies are now ready for adoption. All are on the adoption page. Here's a summary of who we have.

Pup 1: Moose Male, largest of the litter and very laid back with a high cuteness rating
Likes: Belly rubs, naps by the water bowl, and biscuits in a ball
Dislikes: an empty food bowl
Favorite toy: socks
Status: Available
Guardian Angel: Dana Meeker
Pup 2: Gulliver Male, looks for fun playing with anything, easy going and a snuggler
Likes: to be with the action, charming the resident cats to let him sleep next to them, hide-n-seek in the raspberry bush
Dislikes: nothing, so far
Favorite toy: the biggest stick he can find
Status: Adoption Pending
Guardian Angel: Dana Meeker
Pup 3: Tristan Male, smartest boy who has already figured out potty training
Likes: very people oriented, loves to be held, likes his own toy collection
Dislikes: being excluded from his family
Favorite toy: tennis balls
Status:Adoption Pending
Guardian Angel: Jane Fitzgibbons
Pup 4:Rupert Male, swagger with charming antics
Likes: wrestle mania with his sister (pup #5, Belle), soft beds and human toes
Dislikes: waiting for his next meal
Favorite toy: plush medal shaped toy
Status: Adoption Pending
Guardian Angel: Mary Portelly
Pup 5: Belle Female, curious and confident girl who you could take anywhere
Likes: taunting the resident young dog, playing chase since she loves to run and jump, shredding newspapers
Dislikes: nothing, so far
Favorite toy: dried leaves she finds in the yard
Status:Adoption Pending
Guardian Angel: Sharon Dyer
Pup 6: Teagan Female, scruffy cuteness with a chill personality
Likes: giving puppy kisses when you look her in the eye, sitting on your lap, pushing around empty, crinkly water bottles
Dislikes: letting her sisters go first
Favorite toy: rope toy with tennis ball
Status: Adoption Pending
Guardian Angel: Jane Fitzgibbons
Pup 7:Triumph Female, small and mighty
Likes: her people, a spot on a soft bed for nap time, picking up mulch from the flower bed
Dislikes: getting cold
Favorite toy: soft toys that she can bring to bed with her
Status:Adoption Pending
Guardian Angel: Lisa Reid
Pup 8:Cookie Female, thinks she owns the world but very loyal to her people
Likes: to be a part of the resident big dog pack and do things that the big dogs get to do, explore new territory, young and active children in her foster home
Dislikes: being in 2nd place
Favorite toy: everyone else’s toys
Status:Adoption Pending
Guardian Angel: Hillary Haag

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